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Multiplexer for video, audio, data and switch contact

maximum variety with minimal infrastructure

UBF EDV Handel und Beratung offers a multiplexer system, that transports a combination of

  • one or multiple video channels
  • Fast Ethernet
  • serial RS232 / RS422 / RS485
  • analogue telephone
  • audio (Intercom)
  • E1 ITU-T G.703
  • relay switch contact

through one single optical fiber up to 120km.

The free combination of various services for transmission on a single fiber offers a wide range of applications:

  • Safety engineering
  • Event technology
  • Rotating systems, in connection with optical rotary joints for singlemode fiber
  • Connection between mountain and valley stations (e.g. lift systems, toboggan runs, mountain railways, transmission of weather data, environmental technology ...)
  • Traffic Telematik (IST)
  • Building automation / building management
  • Access control
  • Connection of control rooms with different equipments
  • Community facilities
  • ...

The devices will be manufactured according to the customers requests.

The robust chassis and the temperature range of -40 .. +74 °C allow the use in industrial environments and under rough environmental conditions.

The devices can be used for point-to-point connections or cascaded

multiplexer video audio data switching contact

multiplexer video audio data switch contact